Indian Matrimonial Rituals

The special bond of love is celebrated to define the relationship with the most sacred ritual known as marriage. It is observed as the most auspicious occasion in every person’s life. India being a multi-cultural country with diverse languages the marriage practices rituals and traditions also differ from one another. They also vary depending on the caste, religion, community of the bride and groom. What rituals take place during a hindu marriage ceremony and What is so special about Indian Marriage? This article answers all the questions surrounding Hindu marriage.

Hindu matrimonial ceremonies are usually conducted partly in Sanskrit the language in which most of the Hindu holy ceremonies are performed and the local language. Hindus attach a lot of importance to marriages and the rituals which are very vivid in nature and can extend for several days. Some of the pre-wedding ceremonies include engagement and lagna-patra or written declaration of the marriage which is distributed amongst friends and relatives to invite them for the occasion.

The Hindu marriage ceremony is a very elaborate and lengthy, with every step are embedded with Vedic customs, symbolizing various aspects of life that is to follow after the wedding by the couple. “Mandap” or marriage stage is where the rituals are conducted is often decorated with flowers and with a sacred fire as witness, the Hindu wedding ceremony begins. The groom arrives for the wedding with the family and friends and they are all greeted by the bride’s family. The mother of the bride performs the welcoming customs and led the groom to the mandap.

This auspicious occasion begins by worshipping a prayer Hindu Lord Ganesha. Since it is believed that he may remove all obstacles, blessing the bride and groom for their journey ahead. After the pooja the bride is accompanied down the aisle to the mandap by her father.  The bride and groom are divided by a curtain also known as antarpat, it is lowered once the priest recite a prayer for the couple. It is then followed by an ageold ritual that is considered very important while giving the bride away. It is called as “KanyaDaan” & “Hastmelap”. In the hindu religion Kanyadaan symbolizes the Groom as Lord Narayana and bride in the form of Goddess Laxmi. The next sacrament allows the bride and groom to exchange “varmala” also known as “jaimala” and is crafted with flowers. Exchanging of the jaimala signifies the approval of one another and to pledge admiration for one another as partners in life.

The next Hindu matrimonial ritual is Saat-Pehraa in which the bride and the groom circle the holy fire with the wedding scarves tied together. The bride and groom seek blessing from God as they take seven sacred vows together during this sacrament. Then the groom ties Mangal-sutra a sanctified necklace made from black beads around the bride’s neck. He then applies sindoor in the center-parting forehead of the bride’s hair as a promise to fulfill her every desire. Finally the wedding is concluded by the priest and the married couple is offered blessings by their family and friend for their journey ahead. The last marriage tradition is vidai where the bride’s family bids farewell to her family.

These wedding traditions are considered as holy affairs and couples have been happily following them with great significance.

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Indian Matrimonial Sites

In this internet savvy world, search for your life partner with the Indian traditions, customs and core values have become easier than it is believed.  Are you looking for Shaadi? The literal dictionary meaning of the word Madhur Sangam is ” Sweet Union” or “Marriage” or “Search for Bride or Groom” with my soul mate or life partner. Physical and superficial features like appearance and attractive figures may be a factor for instant attraction or gratification but in long run that is not so important. Here we should all agree that some of the things are vital which cannot be done or determined on the web, like the real and true nature of your prospective soul partner you are going to pick, educational and family background, attitude, body language and personality etc. Just browse the internet check out few Indian matrimonial sites , register there and buckle up to get the perfect matrimonial match.

For these you need to go to their home for all these information and so that you can make up your mind. Undoubtedly, there are many cool things which can be accomplished with the aid of the WWW whether it is about  Indian matrimonial site or purchasing a mobile phone, software or researching or reading user’s feedback and review on any online product that you are going to purchase. Even though we Indians have grown net savvy and jumped on the online bandwagon to seek the Mr. Privacy issues? . But the big question that is facing us is, is this really secured and ok?

If you are an Indian then you should know what I mean. It is very interesting to notice how the Indian matrimonial scene has changed over the few couple of years. Useful In fact many Indians prefer to use these as it is safe, saves a hell lot of your precious time and gives a wider range of choice in every qualitative aspect. So in this article let’s talk about ways to do Madhur Sangam that means in English we will discuss how to select your desired matrimonial match or profile – there are many smarter ways to go about it here we will consider few. But do keep in mind one thing that the mere physical appearance is not the most vital thing, the most important thing should be the nature, respect and feelings of your partner towards you and your family members and friends, and his/her attitude and approach to the life.If you are already into an online matrimonial relationship (that is chatting with your partner) and now thinking to take things to next level and transform that online relationship into a real and serious matrimonial relation or you are picking your life partner from one of the several available matrimonial portals, then also you must verify and cross-check all the above mentioned things to make your matrimony a happy and rewarding experience.

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Free Indian Matrimonial Sites

As, now-a-days, boys and girls find their life partners themselves and the only thing left for the parents is to shower their blessings on their children for their happy married life. Traditionally, match making was done through friends, relatives, marriage bureaus and classified ads in the newspapers, but nowadays online matrimony is gaining popularity. Gratifying matrimony has been an exhaustive process here that starts from the search of like minded brides and grooms from different physical sources. The online matchmaking portals have unlocked the possibilities to view photos and interest, and get in touch with the shortlisted profile.

Madhursangam com is an earnest endeavor to provide you an array of options to choose your life partner from this service is the result of an in-depth study of the ways and means adopted by Indians, especially south Indian families in selecting a bride.

Our free matrimonial site caters services to individuals to meet perfect life partner. Find your Life partner through online matrimonial service. Marriage Sites in India ends now! Our website lists top matrimonial sites in India, where a user can search and post profile to find his/her dream life partner. The matrimonial sites listed below are for those of you who are looking for soul Indian life partner. Madhursangam online matrimonial site for Indian nationals helps in finding the suitable life partner from across the globe. Looking for a Manglik Partner? Register free on the World’s Most Successful Matrimony Portal for Indians and find your prefect life partner. With a paid membership you can find a life partner faster. Register free to start your life partner search. Our goal is to ensure that millions of Manglik people find their life partners through our smart matchmaking service which aims at a blissful married life for it’s members. They match your profile with the best profile, help you to find your life partner and make assure you to establish life time everlasting relationships. Add your profile today to choose your perfect life partner free for online marriage.

Choose life partner online and get ready for direct Shaadi, Shadi, Vivah, Nikah, Marriage.  com – Are you still single? Looking for your life partner? Why not to use our free shadi services to search online and get your life partner without spending any money. Matrimonial India, Free Matrimonial Site, Matrimonials, Indian Matrimonial, Free Matrimony Matrimonial India, Matrimonial Search Engine madhursangam com is a leading matrimonial website, where you can find your life partner, searching your life partner with Madhursangam com is now easier, as Madhursangam com is best matrimonial services provider. We believe in Finding the RIGHT Life Partner Not Just Any Life Partner.

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Matrimonial sites and The World Wide Web

Author: MadhurSangam

Who is not familiar with the ancient and glorious country India have vast majority of different cultures, religions, languages and festivals? Indian does celebrate their each and every festival with great panorama. Marriage is in India is also a carousal which very close to the hearts of Indians.

Gratifying matrimony has been an exhaustive process here that starts from the search of like minded brides and grooms from different physical sources. In earlier days the process of finding suitable life partner was usually delegated to the relatives and family friends. But, that scenario has changed considerably with the establishment of many matrimonial websites. Potential bride and groom can get registered at these matrimonial sites to find their Jeevan sathi from a huge database of eligible brides and grooms belonging to various communities, castes and regions. It ensures effective matchmaking online with little physical efforts from both sides.

With the ever expanding internet in India, there is a growing awareness of people about the advantages of online media and online matrimonial sites. The better aspect of a present-day matrimonial site is that the features medi-match and choices available now are much superior than they used to be a few years back. Because of the online matrimonial portals, it has become reasonably hassle-free to select your soul mate.

Traditionally marriage is seen with high regards by Indian people and this has paved the way for the emergence of various matrimonial sites in India. The frequent visitors of these sites include individuals from India as well as across the continents.

Matrimonial portals make the most of these opportunities by intelligently helping brides and grooms for prospective Indians across the continents for a nominal charge. Marriage is a sacred celebration from a long time and currently being executed with the help of modern sophisticated tools available today.

A matrimonial site in India offers a number of smart features and advantages to their users. It lets you to furnish full details on the website such as your name, educational background, gender, hobbies, family background, medi-match and partner’s choices. Similarly, you can get in touch with your desired partner or can be contacted by other compatible fellow members who find your profile suitable for them.  The user-friendliness of various matrimonial sites also makes your search for profiles easier and more worthwhile. Therefore, the matrimony in India receives boost in the form a matrimonial site.
Indian Matrimonials Site gives you freedom to post Matrimonial Profile Free in our Matrimonial Site which makes the challenging task of searching the right life partner easier.

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Matrimonial Profile – Tips

The popularity of online matrimonial websites are being increased among the society. People seem to be bored of making the visitors happy and they want to find partners for their son or daughter online via matrimonial websites. There are lots of online matrimonial websites, but you should choose popular and most trusted websites like MadhurSangam. MadhurSangam is a matrimonial web site for South Asians living across the continents.  In this article, you will find great tips for making an attractive profile on online matrimonial websites, so that you can get best marriage proposals.

It is an art to make an attractive profile on any online matrimonial site. There are some points that you should consider when you put your profile. The key features of a good profile are: recent photo, information about yourself, your needs and lots more. You will find a detailed discussion about the features in the next section.

Your Recent Photo:

When you place a profile, it is incomplete without recent photo. Your photo must be attractive and taken by a professional photographer at the photo studio. If someone sees you, there is a great chance for you to get them attracted towards you. Photo will increase marriage proposals for you. Do not dress over the limits as the relatives of other partner will also look at your profile. The ideal dress for boys is casual shirt and pant without sunglasses or tie; you can also choose good looking t-shirt on jeans. The ideal dress for girls is salwar or sari, without makeup and jewelry; you can also choose attractive jeans and t-shirt. Keep a good looking photo of yourself in your matrimonial profile.

Information About yourself:

When you want someone to marry you, you need to say everything about yourself to them. But is it safe to provide all information? Yes, it is. Most of the popular matrimonial websites are secure and trusted. The user profiles are manually checked and they may also contact you for verifying your identity. So chances of fake profiles are few. You can happily give all about your information to the website as it will be directly watched by the people who are interested to make you life partner. If you shy to explore everything and be an enigma, you can provide only basic information such as address, phone number, email address, a little bit about your hobbies and likings etc.

In a nutshell make an impressive profile and let proposals come to your inbox via MadhurSangam .

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